Art-Geography of America

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Arrogant and unprincipled, rich and poor, with phobias, complexes and unexpected conventions, but so attractive and desirable. How do we understand the culture of the two continents, especially in light of the geopolitical storm in politics? What is our image of a great and terrible America?
Two forms of participation: EXACTLY and OFFICIAL.
Sections of the exhibition include:
1) "Painting" (painting competition)
2) "Graphics" (graphics competition)
3) "Photography" (photography competition)
4) "Sculpture" (sculpture competition)
5) "Decorative and applied art" (competition of applied art)
6) "Textiles" (textile contest)
The exhibition will feature works illustrating the most prominent features of this country in the following nominations:
Main nominations:
1. PEOPLE: a genre picture
2. ARCHITECTURE: urban landscape and architectural lines
3. NATURE: beauty, harmony, diversity
4. ETHNOS: national colors and forms
5. EZOTERIKA: national mythology
6. ABSTRACTION: fantasy and futurism
7. CONCEPT: innovation and tradition
8. VANGUARD: the art of transitional periods
Additional nominations for each contest separately: see the "Nominations" section.
As part of the World Art Forum "Art Geography | Art Geography Award", a rich business program is traditionally held, including a large information and educational block in the form of workshops, lecture halls and creative meetings, as well as round tables and presentations on topics related to unique features of culture and art of the region.
The works of the participants of the World Art Forum "Art Geography" are published in the same edition. The catalog is published in Russian and English.
The project was built as a presentation in the exhibition space of works of artists, most clearly reflecting the concept of "My favorite country." Artists create business cards of the country, reflecting the unique features of culture, nature and architecture in artistic form.

America is a part of the world that unites two continents: North America and South America, as well as many nearby islands.
In America, there are 36 states and 17 dependent territories.

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