Art-Geography of Africa

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Mysterious continent, where not only more than 8000 peoples and ethnic groups live, but where times and epochs are mixed. How do we represent the African continent?
Two forms of participation: EXACTLY and OFFICIAL.
Sections of the exhibition include:
1) "Painting" (painting competition)
2) "Graphics" (graphics competition)
3) "Photography" (photography competition)
4) "Sculpture" (sculpture competition)
5) "Decorative and applied art" (competition of applied art)
6) "Textiles" (textile contest)
The exhibition will feature works illustrating the most prominent features of this country in the following nominations:
Main nominations:
1. PEOPLE: a genre picture
2. ARCHITECTURE: urban landscape and architectural lines
3. NATURE: beauty, harmony, diversity
4. ETHNOS: national colors and forms
5. EZOTERIKA: national mythology
6. ABSTRACTION: fantasy and futurism
7. CONCEPT: innovation and tradition
8. VANGUARD: the art of transitional periods
Additional nominations for each contest separately: see the "Nominations" section.
As part of the World Art Forum "Art Geography | Art Geography Award", a rich business program is traditionally held, including a large information and educational block in the form of workshops, lecture halls and creative meetings, as well as round tables and presentations on topics related to unique features of culture and art of the region.
The works of the participants of the World Art Forum "Art Geography" are published in the same edition. The catalog is published in Russian and English.
The project was built as a presentation in the exhibition space of works of artists, most clearly reflecting the concept of "My favorite country." Artists create business cards of the country, reflecting the unique features of culture, nature and architecture in artistic form.

About the African continent:
The second mainland after Eurasia is washed by the Mediterranean Sea from the north, the Red Sea from the north-east, the Atlantic Ocean from the west and the Indian Ocean from the east and south. Africa is also called the part of the world consisting of mainland Africa and the adjacent islands. The area of ​​Africa without islands is 29.2 million km², with islands being about 30.3 million km², thus covering 6% of the total surface area of ​​the Earth and 20.4% of the land surface. There are 55 countries in Africa

The exhibition can be presented works illustrating the following countries:
North Africa
Country Population, million people Capital
Algeria 39.21 Algeria
Egypt 82.06 Cairo
Western Sahara 0.513 Laayoune
Libya 6,202 Tripoli
Morocco 33.01 Rabat
Sudan 37.96 Khartoum
Tunisia 10.89 Tunisia
South Sudan 11.3 Juba
According to the UN classification, South Sudan is not included in the list of North African countries.
West Africa
Country Population, million people Capital
Benin 10,32 Porto-Novo
Burkina Faso 16.93 Ouagadougou
Islamic Republic of the Gambia 1,849 Banjul
Ghana 25.9 Accra
Guinea 11.75 Conakry
Guinea bissau 1,704 bissau
Cape Verde 0.499 Praia
Ivory Coast 20,32 Yamoussoukro
Liberia 4,294 Monrovia
Mauritania 3.89 Nouakchott
Mali 15.3 Bamako
Niger 17.83 Niamey
Nigeria 173.6 Abuja
Saint Helena, Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha 0.005 Jamestown
Senegal 14.13 Dakar
Sierra Leone 6.092 Freetown
Togo 6,817 Lome
Central Africa
Country Population, million people Capital
Angola Luanda 21.47
Gabon 1,672 Libreville
Cameroon 22.25 Yaounde
Congo 4,233 Brazzaville
Congo Democratic Republic 67,51 Kinshasa
Sao Tome and Principe 0.193 Bissau
Central African Republic 4,616 Bangui
Chad 12.83 N'Djamena
Equatorial Guinea 0.757 Malabo
East Africa
Country Population, million people Capital
Burundi 10.16 Bujumbura
Djibouti 0,873 Djibouti
Zambia 14.54 Lusaka
Zimbabwe 14.15 Harare
Kenya 44.35 Nairobi
Comoros 0.735 Moroni
Mauritius 1,296 Port Louis
Madagascar 22.92 Antananarivo
Malawi 16.36 Lilongwe
Mozambique 25.83 Maputo
Reunion 0.844 Saint-Denis
Rwanda 11.78 Kigali
Seychelles 0,089 Victoria
Somalia 10.5 Mogadishu
Tanzania, United Republic 49.25 Dodoma
Uganda 37.58 Kampala
Eritrea 6.333 Asmara
Ethiopia 94.1 Addis Ababa
According to the UN classification, the list of East African countries also includes
Mayotte .213 Mamutsu
South Sudan 11.3 Juba
South Africa
Country Population, million people Capital
Botswana 2.021 Gaborone
Lesotho 2,074 Maseru
Namibia 2,303 Windhoek
Swaziland 1.25 Mbabane
South Africa 52.98 Pretoria


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