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A unique community of 85 subjects of the Russian Federation! And each region, region, region - with an incredible diversity of cultural heritage. Russian culture as a patchwork of 190 nations and nationalities is so different and at the same time common, linked by centuries-old historical links.

The international art exhibition-competition "Art Geography of Russia" is held within the framework of the World Art Forum "Art Geography | Art Geo Award".
In the exhibition "Art-Geography of Russia" have the right to participate as residents of all regions of Russia, and foreign artists.
Two forms of participation: EXACTLY and OFFICIAL.
Sections of the exhibition include:
1) "Painting" (painting competition)
2) "Graphics" (graphics competition)
3) "Photography" (photography competition)
4) "Sculpture" (sculpture competition)
5) "Decorative and applied art" (competition of applied art)
6) "Textiles" (textile contest)
The exhibition will feature works illustrating the most prominent features of this country in the following nominations:
Main nominations:
1. PEOPLE: a genre picture
2. ARCHITECTURE: urban landscape and architectural lines
3. NATURE: beauty, harmony, diversity
4. ETHNOS: national colors and forms
5. EZOTERIKA: national mythology
6. ABSTRACTION: fantasy and futurism
7. CONCEPT: innovation and tradition
8. VANGUARD: the art of transitional periods
Additional nominations for each contest separately: see the "Nominations" section.
The project was built as a presentation in the exhibition space of works of artists, most clearly reflecting the theme of the region "This is our region." Artists create business cards of the region, in artistic form reflecting the unique features of the region in culture, nature and architecture.

The exhibition can be presented works illustrating the following regions of the Russian Federation:
1. Moscow
2. St. Petersburg
3. Altai Territory
4. Amur region
5. Arkhangelsk region
6. Astrakhan region
7. Belgorod region
8. Bryansk region
9. Vladimir region
10. Volgograd region
11. Vologda region
12. Voronezh region
13. Jewish Autonomous Region
14. Trans-Baikal Territory
15. Ivanovo region
16. Irkutsk region
17. Kabardino-Balkaria
18. Kaliningrad region
19. Kaluga region
20. Kamchatka Krai
21. Karachay-Cherkess Republic
22. Kemerovo region
23. Kirov region
24. Kostroma region
25. Krasnodar Territory
26. Krasnoyarsk region
27. Kurgan region
28. Kursk region 29. Leningrad region
30. Lipetsk region
31. Magadan region
32. Moscow region
33. Murmansk region
34. Nenets Autonomous District
35. Nizhny Novgorod Region
36. Novgorod region
37. Novosibirsk region
38. Omsk region
39. Orenburg region
40. Oryol region
41. Penza region
42. Perm Krai
43. Primorsky Krai
44. Pskov region
45. Republic of Adygea
46. ​​Republic of Altai
47. Republic of Bashkortostan
48. Republic of Buryatia
49. Republic of Dagestan
50. Republic of Ingushetia
51. The Republic of Kalmykia
52. Republic of Karelia
53. Komi Republic
54. Republic of Crimea
55. Republic of Mari El
56. Republic of Mordovia 57. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
58. Republic of North Ossetia - Alania
59. Republic of Tatarstan
60. Republic of Tyva
61. Republic of Khakassia
62. Rostov region
63. Ryazan Region
64. Samara region
65. Saratov region
66. Sakhalin Region
67. Sverdlovsk region
68. Sevastopol
69. Smolensk region
70. Stavropol Territory
71. Tambov region
72. Tver region
73. Tomsk region
74. Tula region
75. Tyumen region
76. Udmurt Republic
77. Ulyanovsk region
78. Khabarovsk Territory
79. Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra
80. Chelyabinsk region
81. Chechen Republic
82. Chuvash Republic
83. Chukotka Autonomous Region
84. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
85. Yaroslavl region
As part of the World Art Forum "Art Geography | Art Geography Award", a rich business program is traditionally held, including a large information and educational block in the form of workshops, lecture halls and creative meetings, as well as round tables and presentations on topics related to unique features of culture and art of the region.
The works of the participants of the World Art Forum "Art Geography of Russia" are published in the same edition. The catalog is published in Russian and English.


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