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You like some country, its architecture, nature, culture, traditions and You have a work of art filled with emotion and love for this country ! Let the World look at Your artwork !
Take part in a unique international project "ART GEOGRAPHY AWARD"
The world is multinational and is infinitely varied in its manifestation. On Earth there are more than 200 countries and more than 330 peoples, encountering one million people each. Amazing ethnic diversity of peoples, nations and ethnic groups produces a multicultural environment. The World Forum of Arts "Art-Geography Award" invites artists, masters of Fine and Decorative Arts to present their works reflecting multicultural environment in the exhibition space of the Moscow House of Artists.
Date: March 12-17, 2019.
Address: Congress-hall "Danilovsky", Moscow, Dubininskaya str., 71/5.
The World Fund of Art / NextArt Foundation
Production center "Next Art"
Eurasian Art Union
Сreative Union of Artists of Russia
Moscow Union of Artists
Professional Union of Artists of Russia
St. Petersburg Union of Artists
Project features:
The World Art Forum "Art Geography Award" – it is a project designed to contribute by means of art to the cultural exchange between artists from different countries.
The Forum is built as a competitive presentation of the selected works of artists and masters (topics / countries) in the exhibition space.
In 2019, more than 20 countries are announced to participate in the Forum and each country will be allocated exhibition space, where works created and dedicated to a specific country by artists from more than 50 countries will be exhibited. By portraying the country in his/her works the artist tells his/her love to the country.
The Expert Board / Jury
For each participating country the Advisory Council of experts which performs professional activities in the country is convened. The presented works are evaluated by the people who understand the peculiarities of national cultural heritage and traditions in the best ways.
Sections of the exhibition
The Forum includes works created in honor of one of the 20 countries in the following sections: painting, graphics, photography, decorative arts, it will help visitors to gain real understanding of the culture of the country.
Awards, Benefits and Prospects
For the participants of the World Art Forum "Art-Geography Award" numerous services and opportunities are provided, they are:
• presentation of the works in the exhibition space of one of the best Art venues in Moscow – in the Moscow House of Artists;
• works will be judged by international jury - professionals living in the country, which is chosen by the competitor;
• all participants will be published in the international catalog "Geo Art Award / Art Geography". The catalog "Geo Art Award / Art-Geography" will be released in several volumes, in the sections: painting, graphics, photography, decorative arts.
• during exhibition period there will be numerous meetings, educational and business programs;
• for the winners there is a special promotional program, including organization of personal exhibitions and participation in international fairs.
•the authors of the most professional works will be invited to Russian and international public unions and associations.
Business program
The World Art Forum "Art-Geography Award" program includes a comprehensive business program with a large informational-cognitive unit with master classes, lectures and creative meetings;round table and presentation of the countries participating in the project.
The Catalog "Art Geography Award International"
Works of participants of the World Art Forum "Art-Geography Award" will be published in the cognominal edition of the "Art-Geography Award International". The directory will bepublished in several European and Asian languages, will be released in several volumes and will be distributed through galleries, exhibitions and fairs.
How to participate
To participate in the World Art Forum "Art-Geography Award" please send a registration package of documents and get confirmation from the organizing Committee.There are two forms ofpresentation of works - originals or copies in the form of posters (photocopies).
On the website of the World Art Forum "Art-Geography Award" ( ) You can apply, read the rules, look at the program and get all the necessary information.

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