General Rules for Participation

Artists from all over the World can take part in the World Art Forum and the International Exhibition-Competition "Art Geography Award".
Address: Congress-hall "Danilovsky" (Moscow, Dubininskaya str., 71/5).
Dates: March 12-17, 2019 (11.00-21.00).
Registration: up to March 6, 2019.
Forms of participation:
there are two equivalent forms of participation are full-time and absentee participation.
a) full-time participation - originals or copies of copyright;
b) absentee participation -photocopies (Organizing Committee prints, designs and places them in the overall exposure).
Competitive program:
International Art Forum "Art Geography" includes four competitive sections:
Participating countries:
the competition accepts works from individual authors of any country of the World. The participant should reflect in his works nature, architecture, culture and / or spirit of the country given in the list (see the "Countries & Themes").
1. Works can be performed in any available technique - traditional or innovative, with the use of any material other than perishable materials.
Works should reflect national characteristics, traditions, culture.
3. The size of the work should not exceed 100 cm on the larger side.
4. Up to 5 works may be submitted from one author.
5. Works must comply with the social norms of the country that was chosen by the author. It is not allowed to submit works of a political nature or works that violate social norms adopted in the Russian Federation.
Making full-time works:
1. Full-time work must be provided with a label-list (standard label size of 10x5 cm, is placed in the lower right corner on the front side). The label includes: a) the name of the author or co-authors; b) city and country of permanent residence; c) title d) dimensions; d) technique of creating a painting; e) year; f) name of the contest and nomination;
2. Each full-time competitive work should have clamps / hooks for hanging the vertical panels or mounting/stand warning the lowering;
3. The author by himself solves the questions relating to the decoration of the works(frame, decorative elements, etc.).
Making absentee-participation:
The works are sent to the organizing Committee in the form of files in the format .jpeg or .tiff; at least 200 dpi, up to 20 Mb. Organizing Committee prints, designs and places them in the overall exposure.
To confirm your participation you must send to the organizing Committee (e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  the following materials:
1) application form (download Word, PDF):
2) labels for each art object (download Word, PDF)
3) photo of the author (no smaller than 3x4 cm);
4) photo images of the proposed works (minimum 200 dpi, maximum 20 MB)
Upon receiving the confirmation letter from the organizing Committee the author pays the registration fee.

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