Registration for the competition program

REGISTRATION: up to March 06, 2019

Exhibition Dates: March 12-17, 2019
Exhibition opening: March 12, 2019, 18:00
Working hours of the exhibition: 11.00-21.00 (11 a.m - 9 p.m.)
Address: "Congress-hall "Danilovsky"" (Moscow, Dubininskaya str., 71/5).

There are two equivalent forms of participation are full-time and absentee participation.
a) full-time participation: originals or copies of copyright;
b) absentee participation: photocopies (Organizing Committee prints, designs and places them in the overall exposure).



Step-by-step registration:

(To confirm your participation you must send to the organizing Committee the following materials:)

1st Step: You have to sent entry documents 
You can register until March 06, 2019 by sending all of your documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Extramural and intramural participants compete equally and have to send similar documents:
1) Application form (download WordPDF)
2) labels for each work (download WordPDF)
3) an author's photo ( at least 3x4 sm)
4) a photo of the works (minimum 200 dpi, maximum 20 Mb)
5) a copy of arrangement fee's payment. You can see the information about the price at the section:
2nd Step:processing with your application and agreement of your participation
After sending documents for the registration to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  author will get two notifications:
1) automatic notification that registration commission has got author's materials
2) second notification will be from administrator that participator has got a number from registration commission (the number will be written on the label, which registration commission. Every work which takes part in the contest has its own number.
3rd Step: (Only for in person participators)
Participant has to print a registration number (a label) and put it on the lower right corner of the painting. The labels can be put to the canvas, underframe , frame or work's stand
4th Step: bringing the works to the contest (only for in person participators)
Author or his agent has to bring the artworks to International Art Center "Congress-hall "Danilovsky"" (Moscow, Dubininskaya str., 71/5)
Participant has to bring artworks for the competition and:
1) Work's number (a label) on the lower right corner of the painting.
2) Hooks, mounts and etc . Big art works has to be exhibited with its special stands.
3) The document, which proves a transfer act (download Word, PDF) 
Program of master classes / workshops
All of the participators (both in absentia and in person) will be able to visit a program of the master classes, lectures, conferences as guests. Also the author can organize his personal master class, lecture or commercial presentation. (All of the detail you can find in the section Suggest a master class"). Lecturers have a possibility to exhibit their art works without payment. If you present only one master class you can exhibit one art work in the contest for free.
Registration commission will send a certificate to all participants.
A graduation ceremony Russian Art Week winners' will be in the last day of the exhibition:
a) Intramural participants' diplomas can be sent to participant from the festival's commission.
b) Extramural participant's diplomas will be sent to an address, which was noticed when the participant had registered within three weeks. Also participant can make a request and get a diploma by e-mail.
A participation in the international art weeks and other prizes.
Participations and winners of Art Geography Award have a possibility to take part in some international Art weeks for free and with special discounts according to the conditions of an exhibition. The list of international art weeks you can find in the section "Geography of Art Geo Award". There are also other programs of promotion of participants of Russian Art Week like an entry to Russian and international art unions.

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